Grand Rapids MI Sealcoating Products

Does Sealcoating Prevent Freeze-Thaw Damage?

Asphalt is more likely to crack when the ground heaves from freeze-thaw cycles. Fortunately, we have asphalt crack filler, Safe Seal®, and other asphalt repair products so you can
Winter Sealcoat Storage Grand Rapids MI

How to Store Asphalt Sealer During the Winter

As a seal coat supply company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we understand that parking lot and driveway sealer are essential for running your business. However, did you know there’s
The Best Alternative to Coal-Tar-Based Sealants Grand Rapids, MI

The Best Alternative to Coal-Tar-Based Sealants

The best alternative for coal-tar-based sealants is Safe Seal®️. While coal-tar-based sealants last a long time, many places have already banned their use to protect the environment and human
How to Buy the Right Sealcoating Equipment Grand Rapids, MI

How to Buy the Right Sealcoating Equipment

We’ve seen too many contractors make the mistake of underestimating how much supplies or what capacity sealcoating equipment they’ll need for the season. We want to make sure you
Aqua Patch FAQ

Aqua Patch FAQ

We are proud to offer Aqua Patch as a permanent asphalt repair product. Not only is Aqua Patch as durable and long-lasting as hot-mix asphalt, but it can be
Aqua Patch Products in Michigan

How to Use Aqua Patch for Pothole Repair

Why wait until spring to fill potholes? You can use Aqua Patch for pothole repairs year-round, even during cold or wet conditions. Unlike other cold patch products, Aqua Patch
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