Hot Rubber Crack Cart


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Used for Crack Sealing/Crack Repairs in Asphalt or Concrete Parking Lots or Driveways.
The Hot Rubber Crack Cart is a four-wheeled cart with forwarding movement that pushes as easy as a grocery cart to repair crack in parking lots or driveways with high efficiency. It has a v-squeegee, directly below the dispensing hole that contains all the crack filling material hot or cold applied and puts it in the crack. It has 2 levers to control the functions. One lever controls the amount of crack filler dispensed and the other raises and lowers the squeegee for a uniform overband crack repair. They both have a lock positions. The plunger lever can be locked in the up position for cleaning and the squeegee lever in the up position for transportation. The plunger and squeegee can both be easily removed for cleaning when required. The rear wheels are fixed and the front wheels have 360 degree turning capability. The Crack Cart is all metal construction except for the rubber v-squeegee and the tank will hold approximately 4 gallons of crack filler. You can use either hot or cold crack filler/sealant in the crack cart as long as the material is flowable.

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