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ALT – 659 Black Elixir Sealing Additive

Black Elixir™ is our go to additive for AE sealer also works well in coal tar sealants. It will help to dry quicker and toughen up the sealer. Up to 75% faster curing time, better suspension of the aggregates, deeper black color, adds to the resistance of oils, fuels, grease and chemicals. Allstates coatings Michigan distributor

Black Elixir™ is recommended for faster curing of refined tar and asphalt pavement sealers, power steering marking and tracking reduction. When specifications demand traffic be opened up quickly, use Black Elixir Sealing Additive on any asphaltic surfaces such as commercial and industrial parking lots, fast food and mall lots and driveways.

Mix well before using. Use 1/2 to 3 gallons of Black Elixir™ Sealing Additive undiluted to modify 100 gallons of sealer. The amount will vary and depend upon the quality of sealer and the type of end use in the traffic pattern areas or specifications. However, 1-2 gallons of Black Elixir™ Sealing Additive to modify 100 gallons of sealer is a normal application. Always pour sealer first into mechanical spray or squeegee type machine, then add proper amount of water. When agitating, add Black Elixir™ Sealing Additive slowly and mix to uniform consistency. Then add proper amount of aggregates (silica sand, black beauty or any other specified aggregates) and mix thoroughly before application.

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