Safe Seal Bulk Asphalt Sealer NON Coal Tar 275 Gallon Tote RTU (Ready to Use)


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Safe Seal™ protects asphalt pavements against:

  • Moisture and surface water penetration into the asphalt
  • Oxidation caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays bleaching the pavement
  • Freeze/thaw cycle cause cracks in the asphalt
  • Oil and chemical spills leaching into the asphalt surface
  • Start your own sealcoating business, seal asphalt drives and parking lots
  • Surface deterioration and cracking due to lack of a 2 year re-seal cycle
  • Durability of Safe Seal® commercial grade asphalt sealer is up to 5 times greater than other conventional asphalt emulsion coatings. Your asphalt will appear like a master seal coater done the project.

Pavement Sealer Safe Seal® is environmentally friendly NON -Coal Tar

  • Contains low VOC’s
  • Emits no obnoxious odor or fumes
  • Contains no solvents, no asbestos, no lead, and no mercury
  • Non-flammable
  • NON- Coal Tar
  • Low PAH’s , permitted in coal tar banned areas
  • Our asphalt emulsion does not contain carcinogenic materials like those found in coal tar sealers (Report on Carcinogens, 11th ed.)
  • No Chemical Burn unlike (coal Tar Sealers)
  • Safe Seal® will not create an environmental hazard
  • Coverage rates up to 70-80 sq. ft. per gallon
  • Color blacktop to Jet Black sealcoat, turns your asphalt pitch black
  • Bulk Sealer Available

When sealcoating your asphalt driveway or parking lot use a NON coal tar sealer, ask for Safe Seal  AE by name, can be shipped directly to your project for the sealcoat contractor of your choice to apply. Our sealer can be purchased in Grand Rapids, MI in the bulk Sealcoat quantities as well.

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