Water Meter for Sealcoating


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  • Simply attach between the faucet and hose and the easy to read meter shows you how much water you’re adding to your asphalt sealer
  • It accurately measures both single waterings use as well as cumulative water usage
  • Take the guesswork out of watering your blacktop sealer by attaching the meter to your hose
  • Now you’ll know the right time to turn your hose off
  • Accurate to 1/10th of a gallon it’s also great for greenhouses where exact watering is critical as well
  • Makes mixing your asphalt sealcoating material perfect with accurate water meter measurements
  • With the Water Meter you can have a garden that grows while your water bill shrinks too.
  • Calculates both single-use and total water consumption
  • Accurately measures to a 1/10th of a gallon
  • Easy to read LCD display

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